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Robert C. Hogan, Ph.D.
Business writing tutoring, coaching, and training
Business Writing Courses

The Business Writing Center has been training business writers worldwide since 1997. The Center offers a selection of 45 online business writing courses to provide business writers with the specific training they need. More ...

Tutoring by Dr. Hogan

Grammar Tutoring
   This individualized tutoring focuses on language and grammar. Dr. Hogan reviews samples of your writing, identifies skills in grammar, punctuation, spelling, and sentence structure you need to learn, and teaches them to you. More ...


Tutoring Nonnative
Speakers of English

   If you are a nonnative speaker of English, Dr. Hogan will review samples of your writing, identify the language and grammar problems in your writing, and teach you the skills you need to write correct, polished business English. More ...

Writing Coaching

Coaching for Managers
and Executives

   Robert Craig Hogan, Ph.D., is an experienced writing coach who has coached hundreds of executives and has himself been a manager and upper-level executive. He helps managers and executives improve their writing skills, write with impact, sensitivity and clarity, and learn how to write more confidently and quickly. More ...

Coaching through Writing Actual Documents
   In this training, Dr. Hogan will work with you on actual documents you are writing or have written. If you have no documents now, he will help you decide what to write and will work with you on the documents you create. More ...

Coaching in Writing Specific
Types of Documents

   You may write specialized reports, such as audit reports, statements of work, research summaries, journal articles, or other specific types of documents. Dr. Hogan will coach you through writing the specific documents so they are clear, well written, and profesional. More ...


Business Writing Skills
   Dr. Hogan presents a business writing skills workshop at company sites to train participants in the skills they need to write clearly, quickly, and correctly. The workshops teach the best practices presented in Dr. Hogan's book, Explicit Business Writing: Best Practices for the Twenty-First Century, provided to all participants at the workshops. More ...

Basic Grammar Workshop
   Dr. Hogan holds a one-day interactive workshop in which participants learn the primary rules of English usage (grammar, punctuation, spelling, and sentence structure). As the go through the workshop, they practice using the skills in small groups to ensure that they learn the principles.

Customized Workshop
   Dr. Hogan will develop a customized workshop based on a the documents an organization normally writes. The fee for customization depends on the extent of the customization involved. Send an e-mail to Dr. Hogan for more information.

Robert C. Hogan, Ph.D., is an accomplished trainer with 38 years of experience in writing training. His Ph.D. is in training with a focus on writing training. His master's and bachelor's degrees are in English and the teaching of writing. He has been a university graduate and undergraduate professor, consultant in companies teaching business writing, and owner of companies specializing in writing business documents and training business writers.
Dr. Hogan is the director of the Business Writing Center, an online business-writing school with 45 business writing courses that has been training business writers around the world since 1997.
Dr. Hogan tutors business writers in business writing skills and in writing specialized documents. He works individually with business people to improve their language and grammar. He is available for consulting, speaking, and holding onsite workshops in business writing.


Contact Dr. Hogan: rchogan@businesswriting.com

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